Monday, September 9, 2013

LEGO Microscope MkII

LEGO Microscope MkII by Carlmerriam
LEGO Microscope MkII, a photo by Carlmerriam on Flickr.
This creation uses 4 LEGO magnifying glasses to create a fully functional compound microscope. Other features include separate coarse and fine adjustment knobs, power functions LEDs and a rotating stage.

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Jason II said...

Carl, do you perhaps have an LDD file or some other form of build instructions that you might be able to share for the MkII? The model is fantastic, and I would love to build a copy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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ss11 said...

I work with microscope all day, and this is fantastic.

Lucent said...

Sorry to see this didn't make Ideas. Would you be willing to sell me the LDD file to make one for myself? Thank you.

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